10 signs that you are “obsessed” with cats

Do you like cats? Do you enjoy every time you see them, and if you manage to get your hands on them, do you already feel in the ninth heaven? Do you have at least one cat at home or do you really want to adopt one? Congratulations, you might be a cat lover or just a crazy person for cats!
And to be sure of this, we invite you to read our list of 10 signs that you are a person obsessed with cats. 😀

  1. You have plenty of cat photos and videos in your phone or laptop

One of the signs of cat madness is the particularly large number of pictures and videos of cats on the phone. Either we saw them on the internet, we liked them and we saved them, or we met a kitten that we logically had to pose for, or we have fluffy ones at home that don’t even matter anymore. not to film them and to photograph them all day. And so we end up uninstalling applications from the phone just-we only get some free space for kittens.

2. You are following a lot of cat photos and videos accounts on social media

Another way you can check if you are a cat obsessed person is to check the number of cat pages you follow on social networks. Most likely there are enough. Which is very good! Did you know that statistics show that people who watch funny pictures or videos of cats on the internet are happier and healthier? And isn’t it hard for you to refrain from liking all cat posts?

3. Your reaction says a lot when you see a cat or more

Your reaction when you see cats is always the same: Awww, psst-psst-psst! And Cupid appears, with love at first sight. Most likely then you are upset that you did not manage to get your hands on the cat, play with it and caress it, but you are still glad that it delighted your eyes.

4. You begin to choose your holiday spots according to how many cats are in the area

You realize that your obsession with cats goes to the next level when you start choosing your holiday destinations depending on how many cats are in the area. Speaking of travel, did you know that in Belgium the Cats Festival is organized every 3 years? Extremely impressive, with parades containing over 1500 costumes, it is the perfect place where cat lovers from many parts of the world gather.

5. You are often dreaming cats

As a proud cat obsessed with cats, it is absolutely normal to think of cats even in their sleep, not just during the day. And it’s so beautiful when you dream of them.

6. Your friends are telling you that all you can think of are cats and more cats

Your friends tell you that you only have cats in your head. And of course, you take it as a compliment. Their loss that they don’t understand how beautiful our cat world is.

7. You wear clothes and jewelries with cats imprinted on them

When you go shopping and see products with cats, it’s hard for you to refrain from buying them. They are so cute. And that’s how you realize that you have a lot of cat clothes in your wardrobe, which is soo cool for any cat lover!

8. You receive a lot of gifts related to cats

Have you started receiving a lot of gifts with cats from your friends? Very good! This is a sign of confirmation from society for your passion for little cats. And cat gifts are so perfect!

9. You consider that people who don’t like cats, don’t like you either

Another sign that you are a person obsessed with cats is that when someone says they can’t stand cats, you take it as an insult to the whole cat breed, implicitly to you. Now seriously, how is it possible that someone can’t stand these meowing creatures ?!

10. The ultimate resistance test for any cat lover

How could you disturb a kitten that sleeps so nicely on you. Do you need a bathroom? You refrain. Are you very hungry or thirsty? You refrain. Do you have to finish your work? That is, your business can wait. And this is something that “simple” people will never be able to understand… But they do not know what they are losing!

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