About Us

What we love is more important than who we are, but if any of you is intrested in knowing our company, you will have a brief presentation a little further on this page.

For the love of sweet and furrish animals

We love animals and we also love you because you are a pet owner and that means you are just like us. The goal of this brand is to come with creative and efficient solution for pet owners.


Because we focus on designing unique pet accessories just to make your furrish look cool and amazing.


Because our products are not only stylish, but also useful.

Our Company

The company was based by a family of three who are so in loved with cats and dogs that they have decided to create their own pet brand and started making their own products. What started as a passion it soon became a business, profitable for both pet owners and pets. 

You will be able to find the best solution when it comes to your pet and we are also open for new ideas and we encourage all of you to contact us. 

It’s well know that all of us, pet owners have a thing about our cats or our dogs or any other animal we decided to take care of. One of our main goals here is to attract as many cats and dogs lovers to interract with our brand in order to spread the love for animals. We are mainly focused on creating original and helpful bundles for your pets. Most of our products will be found on Amazon and it will be much easily for you to buy it and receive it at your doorsteps.

The best way to become a part of our community is to connect with our Intsagram account and our Facebook page and share your insights. We are accepting photos of your cats and monthly we will be creating new contests where your pet can win our original products. So, stay tuned!

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