10 stories that would make you love cats even more

Perhaps you may of heard some stories with cats who took part in historical events throughout time or stories where cats saved their owners or their kittens through heroic acts. Well, today we decided to celebrate all the brave and famous cats or “heroes with fur” and make a list with some of the most impressive stories we heard so far… but if you know other stories, you are more than welcome to share them with us and get to publish them here.

#1 Giving out kittens

“I was 5 years old when a pregnant cat used to come to see us. My mother tried to feed her, but the cat wouldn’t take the food. And once, she got into our house and started playing with me. For several weeks, she’d play with me and leave. Then she disappeared for a while and returned with a black kitten. For several weeks, she came to us every day and taught the kitten to be a cat. And then she stopped coming when she realized we could feed him. Later, we found out that she gave out 4 more kittens to other families with children in our apartment building.”- From our readers

#2 Scarlett, A Cat Who Rescued Her Kittens From A Fire, Suffering Severe Burns In The Process

In 1996 a fire broke out in an abandoned garage in Brooklyn, New York City. When The New York City Fire Department arrived and quickly put out the fire, everyone was glad that no people were injured. It was only after the flames were gone, one of the firefighters, David Giannelli, noticed a cat carrying tiny kittens away from the garage, one by one. The cat, who was later named Scarlett, was severely burned and her horrible injuries were described in detail: “her eyes were blistered shut, her ears and paws burned, and her coat highly singed, the majority of her facial hair had been burnt away”. Despite the pain, the firefighters observed the feline mother pat each kitten with her nose to ensure they were all there as the blisters on her eyes prevented the cat from seeing. After Scarlett and her kittens made a recovery they were quickly adopted by 3 families. Scarlett became an international star and received attention from media all over the world as people were in awe at her bravery. Scarlett, unfortunately, passed away in 2008, but her story lives on through many children’s and non-fiction books written about her.

#3 Tom, A 24-Year-Old Cat Who Discovered His Owner’s Cancer

Cats not only have keen senses that aid them in hunting, they can also feel things that can’t be noticed by humans. One of such things saved Sue McKenzie’s life back in 2014. When Tom, the feline that’s been with her for two decades, changed his behavior from aloof to constantly tapping the back of her neck and meowing, Sue was annoyed at first. However, as the cat kept being persistent, the owner decided to get the area checked. The doctors soon discovered that she had a cancerous lump under her skin called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As soon as McKenzie visited doctors, Tom returned to his usual aloof self. The woman received treatment for her cancer and was later declared cancer-free.

#4 Pwditat, The Seeing-Eye Cat For His Blind Labrador Retriever Friend, Tervel

Humans aren’t the only ones that pets are heroes to. Judy Godfrey-Brown of Holyhead, North Wales is the owner of a brown Labrador Retriever named Tervel who is suffering from cataract. Because of this, he would often hit things and get hurt, which lead him to become reluctant to move outside of his doggy bed. One day, Judy took in a stray cat, Pwditat, who did not get along with other cats, but immediately took a liking to Tervel. It was as if Pwditat had a sixth sense of his blindness and took upon himself to snuggle with Tervel and use his paws to guide him around the house and outside.

#5 Smudge, A Kitty Who Chased Off Bullies Who Were Attacking Her 5-Year-Old Owner

When a 5-year-old Ethan was surrounded by some boys giving him a hard time, his mother, who noticed her son being pushed to the ground through the window, was on her way to the door to investigate. However, once she reached the front yard she witnessed their 4-year-old kitty, Smudge sprint into action and hiss and paw at the bullies. “I happened to find this younger boy laid on his back on my lawn in tears with a cat sat on his belly!,” Ethan’s mother, Sarah Fenton explained. As the bullies learnt their lesson and ran away defeated, Smudge was named a hero by his family.

#6 Homer, A Blind Cat That Saves Its Owner From A House Burglar

Jessi-cat isn’t the only hero cat to have a book written about her. Homer, the blind black house “wonder cat” also had his life eternalized in book form. The story goes that Gwen Cooper rescued a blind kitten that had its eyes removed due to a serious infection. She named the cat after the blind Greek author Homer. One night Cooper woke up to Homer, who is generally an easy-going cat, stood up and hissing at a burglar in her room. Homer then jumped at the intruder, viciously scratching and biting him, making him flee the scene. Inspired by this, Gwen later wrote a memoir about his heroic deed and life.

#7 Pudding, The Orange Maine Coon Mix Who Saved Her Owner From A Diabetic Seizure By Running To Get Help

Amy Jung took her son Ethan to the Door County Humane Society shelter in Wisconsin to play with the cats. She wasn’t planning on adopting any of them, but ended up going home with two: Wimsy and Pudding. That night, Amy experienced a diabetic seizure, when Pudding jumped to swat and nibble on her nose in hopes of waking her up. Once conscious, Amy struggled to call out for her son Ethan, but he was dead asleep. Pudding reacted to his owner’s cry for help and ran to wake Ethan up. He was able to provide the necessary medical attention. After the incident, Amy registered Pudding as a service animal and now goes everywhere with him.

#8 Luna, The Cat Who Saved A Family Of 8 From A Fire

Dalmatians are firefighting dogs by tradition. However, here’s a cat that could probably do as good of a job as the dalmatians would! Luna the outdoor cat saved the Chappell-Roots, a family of 2 adults and 6 kids, from a house fire. Emily, the mother, was sleeping one night when Luna began playing with and gnawing on her feet. At first, Emily thought that Luna had brought a present for the family, which she would have to deal with so that kids wouldn’t be scared to go to the living room. Moments after leaving the bedroom and reaching the stairs, the mother noticed a fire coming from the kitchen. She immediately round up the kids and ran outside. If it wasn’t for Luna, it could have ended tragically for the family. A GoFundMe campaign was started to help the family get back on their feet.

#9 Tommy, The Cat Who Reportedly Called 911 To His Incapacitated Owner

Gary Rosheisen adopted Tommy to help him deal with high blood pressure, but the man had no idea the cat would end up saving his life in the way he did. When police received a 911 call followed by silence they decided to call back. When no one picked up the call, the department send Officer Patrick Daugherty to investigate the matter. What Daugherty found inside the caller’s house had him scratching his head for a long while. “I know it sounds kind of weird,” the officer was reported saying, as upon entering the house he saw Tommy the cat by the phone making him believe that it was the feline who called 911. Gary Rosheisen was on the floor, unable to reach out for help. Rosheisen reported that he was trying to teach Tommy to call 911, but was never sure if the kitty learned. Well, I guess his question was answered in the direst situation. “He’s my hero,” Rosheisen was reported saying.

#10 Faith, The Church Cat Of St. Augustine’s Church In London Who Protected Her Offspring From An Air Raid

In 1936, Father Henry Ross opened the doors of St. Augustine’s Church in London to an unusual visitor- a stray cat. After receiving no response to the notices of a found cat, Father Ross allowed her to stay at the church, naming her Faith. Over the next four years faith regularly attended sermons and even gave birth to a kitten, which was named Panda. In 1940, she suddenly began begging the father to be let into the church cellar, where she would bring her kitten. Father Ross kept retrieving Panda from the cellar, but Faith insisted that the kitten stay there by carrying it back to the cellar by the scruff of its neck. On September 9th, an air raid was conducted as part of the Blitz attack on Central London, during which the upstairs part of St. Augustine’s Church was destroyed. Father Ross returned to find Faith and Panda meowing safely among the rubble in the basement.

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