Interesting facts about orange cats

Orange cats are some of the most beloved cats. Many famous cats have this fur color, some examples being Garfield, Puss in Boots and Bob from the movie and the book “A cat named Bob”. But what makes them so special?

Here a few interesting things you may or may not know about the cats with orange fur:

  1. First of all, this is not a specific breed of cats, they do not represent a specific breed, but we refer only to the color of the fur. Thus, we will observe cats with this color in several breeds such as the European cat, the main coon, the Scottish fold and the Persian cat.

2. The cause of the orange color. Pheomelanin is the pigment responsible for the reddish color of kittens. Depending on the amount in which it is found, cats can have fur from cream to deep orange.

3. Orange cats are tabby cats. An obvious feature is the letter “M” that we can see on their foreheads. We can also see that not all cats have the same stripes. These are either thick, well-defined stripes (Classic tabby), or thinner and longer stripes similar to those of tigers (Mackerel tabby), or shorter stripes, similar to spots (Spotted tabby).

4. Mostly are males,

This is due to the gene that produces the orange color on the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes which means they need two copies of this gene to turn orange, while males only need one. Thus, approximately 75% -80% of cats with orange fur are male.

Another interesting thing is that males only need the cat’s mother to have orange fur, regardless of whether it is completely orange or has other colors on the fur such as calico and tortoiseshell cats, while females need their father to be completely orange. , and their mother to have orange on the fur.

5. Orange cats can have freckles. Yes, they may have freckles on the nose, around the eyes, on the lips or on the gums. This is also due to the color of their fur. Also, as you get older, freckles will spread more.

6. Personality. Cats with orange fur generally have an extremely pleasant personality. Some people even compare their personality to that of dogs. They are very relaxed, happy, affectionate and loyal. They like to follow their masters everywhere and wait for them to be caressed.

Males tend to be very “talkative” and more active, while females are known to be calm and quiet. They are brave and daring cats, which makes them excellent hunters and they do not shy away from a fight with other cats. They are also independent. This does not mean that they like to be alone, but that they do not like to do what they are told. It’s just the cat! So who’s the boss? 🙂

They usually have no problem sharing their home with other animals, even dogs with whom they can become good friends.

7. They have a tendecy of becoming fat cats. Due to their relaxed personality, many orange cats love to be lazy. But they also love to eat. And these two things can often lead to weight gain (a well-known example being the adorable character Garfield). Therefore, we must be careful to provide them with a proper diet and play with them as often as possible to motivate them to move.

8, They can be easily adopted. It is known that unfortunately black cats find it very difficult to find little men to adopt them because of their color. But what is not known is that the cats that find their families very quickly are the orange ones. They are chosen especially because of their affectionate and friendly personality.

You can always share your stories with your cat/s to see if orange cats were present in your life so far.

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