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Sarah Jones

Interior Designer

This is not like a regular harness with leash. You can see the quality right way when you open the box. It’s obvious that these guys own pets and they want all the best for them

Jessica Foxx


A complete bundle for my baby doll who just turned 3. I love the colors and the number reason I bought it is to make my cat look cool and take her for a walk on her new stylish leash

Briana Luke


I am very satisfied, but more satisfied is my little Lucas who loves that plush toy. 

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Cat harness with leash, collar with bell, catnip toy

MyFurrish is the place where our quality products meets your furry friends’ needs and requirements. We have read and learn a lot over the years about the proper ways of taking care of our beloved furry friends and this is the main reason why we have developed the MyFurrish line which only includes safe, fun and useful items for your pets.

This cat accessories bundle includes 3 items which will improve the time spent together. The package includes:
  • 1x cat harness with leash
  • 1x collar with bell
  • 1x catnip toy

The multicolor harness with leash is a versatile item because it can be used together or separately. Your pet can wear the harness as it is or you can attach the matching leash for the times when you take a walk or go travelling together. This is an item that offers security for your pets to explore the outdoors because your cat will be more protected against some other animals chasing her or her chasing them. The harness with leash is especially designed to apply only a gentle pressure to the shoulders rather than the neck or throat.

The collar with bell is a fashion item being made from a leather material. This stylish collar features a snap fastener for your pets to feel comfortable while wearing it and also a color matching bell so you will always know where you furry cat is.

The fun mouse toy is filled with your cat’s favorite thing in the world (besides you maybe): CATNIP. We all know that they love it a lot and when you will offer her this gift, we are surely they will definitely adore it. This mouse toy is made from a soft plush material filled with natural organic catnip.


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