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We believe that when humans and animals form a connection, life simply gets better and beautiful. Children are the next generation of pet lovers and it is necessary to be aware of the importance of the special connection they have with them. Pets enrich our universe, give us company, affection and an excuse to play together. Their love inspire us and teaches us to be responsible. Find out the original FURRISH FOR YOUR FOREVER FRIEND products and all premium pet supplies recommendations! You will be able to find the best solution when it comes to your pet and we are also open for new ideas and we encourage all of you to contact us. 

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We love animals and we also love you because you are a pet owner and that means you are just like us. Our goal is to come with creative and efficient solutions for pet owners. Here you can find our recommended pet supplies products - online pet store!
The best cat harness for our forever friends
Best Cat Harness and Leash Set. We focus on designing unique pet accessories just to make your FURRISH pet look amazing and keep them safe.
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Do you like cats? Do you enjoy every time you see them, and if you manage to get your hands on them, do you already feel in the ninth heaven? Do you have at least one cat at home or do you really want to adopt one? Congratulations, you might be a cat lover or just a crazy person for cats! And to be sure of this, we invite you to read more about our Forever Friends!


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Our mission is to make sure that more and more people learn about responsible pet care. We want to make sure that cats and dogs continue to receive all the attention and care they deserve and know we can give them. We believe pets and people are better together. Top cat lovers are writing their ideas and tips regarding our beloved pets. Together we educate the younger generation about responsible pet care. Find how to keep your pet safe, healthy and happy! Just click and enjoy!

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Just like us humans, cats can also experience different moods during their lifetime and it is important to be able to
When we are thinking about kids and pets together, we are also taking into consideration the unpleasant situations
We can never be fully prepared for the moments when your cat becomes sick, but knowing the symptoms will help 
Is your cat sick?
Cat people know what I am about to say, when you love cats, you offer them all of your attention and care, you keep them safe so that nothing ever happens to
Not only us, humans, have things that others do and we don’t like them, well cats have that also. You already know that your cat doesn’t like being pulled by the tail, but
Giving back to those who have less, but especially to those who can’t actually say how they are feeling, good or bad, those who can’t defend themselves is a crucial thing.

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