My cat and its passion for sitting on my personal stuff

My pet cat “Garfield”, named after the famous comic cat, seems to think he has more of a right to my things than I do. He often sits on my bed, incredulously observing my attempts to get on it as if I am invading his territory. How dare I try to sleep on my bed at night, he must think. Forget that I have provided a luxurious bed for him that I often clean to make sure it meets his approval. One night, I tried to apply some reverse psychology to the bed situation. Garfield was in my bed as usual, and not wanting to budge. I thought it might be a good idea if I went and stood in Garfield’s bed. This would, in turn, make him jealous and convince him to get out of my bed and try to get back in his. Unfortunately, my self-proclaimed ingenious idea did not have its desired result. Garfield simply continued to casually lounge on my bed, looking at me quizzically, content to let me have his bed without a fight.

(this is a story shared by one of our readers)

However, my bed is not the only item prone to Garfield’s attention. Somehow my computer has become an object of his covetous eyes, as he often lies on top of the keyboard when my computer is open. Maybe the keyboard provides enough warmth to feel like a sauna. In fact, maybe Garfield thinks that my computer is actually his sauna. In that case, he must be very indignant with how often I use it, and that I am not even using it properly. Thankfully, he is currently not trying to use his “sauna” as I’m writing this article.

Sometimes I wonder if Garfield is secretly a genius who is playing games with me. Recently, I had written an important check-in my room to pay some bills and left it on my desk. I left my room briefly and then returned to find the check missing. I furiously looked almost everywhere in my room including under my bed, in my closet, on my bookcase, and on my dresser to name just a few areas. Finally, I looked behind my desk, and there was the missing check! As a sense of relief permeated my system, my gaze was drawn to movement on my bed. There was Garfield! I swear, he had a sarcastic look on his face. Could he have hidden the check? Does the American legal philosophy of innocent until proven guilty apply to cats as well? I decided that it did. Maybe my sense of loyalty and affection for Garfield is clouding my judgment, but what can I do? I am most certainly not about to install cameras in my house to monitor his activities.

Of course, there were times when I thought Garfield’s purpose to interfere with my possessions or activities could prove useful.

Back when I lived at my parents’ house in my younger days, my parents wanted me to play the piano. I absolutely detested about playing the piano. I then got an idea. Garfield, a very young kitten in those days could prove to be my savior. At that time Garfield was already starting to develop his proficiency for monopolizing my possessions. Maybe if he sat on the piano and refused to leave, I wouldn’t have to practice! I picked Garfield up and placed him on the piano, preparing to loudly proclaim to my parents that Garfield had again interfered with my activities and was now sitting on the piano. But Garfield had other ideas. He refused to stay on the piano keys and proceeded to jump down from the piano keys to the piano bench to the floor. 3 times I put Garfield on the piano keys, and 3 times he jumped off. Apparently, when I needed his greedy personality the most, Garfield was not about to help me.

Garfield may take my bed, sit on my computer, hide my checks, and then give me sarcastic looks when I protest, but he has been my loyal companion for many years, and I can’t imagine my life without him. Perhaps his covetous and somewhat demanding ways are simply a reflection of society in general. Or maybe he is just a mischievous cat. Either way, I love him!

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