What your cat’s habits mean and how they report to their owners?

Having a fluffy, adorable pet in your house, aka: a cat, can lift up your mood significantly. They’re cute, smart, loving, and most importantly- they’re hilarious.Cats are known for some distinguishable habits, and so are their owners. If you’re a cat owner or interested in the ‘cat behavior’ let me introduce you to some of the cat habits and their meaning. Here are some 15 interesting cat habits you might want to understand:

#15 Sprinting out of nowhere

Does your cat randomly decide to get up and run? Ever wondered why? This is a cat habit that you don’t need to worry about, it just a kind of a cat exercise. Cats want to stay fit and in good shape, too! Isn’t that interesting?

#14 Nail biting

You might spot your cat doing this when it’s cleaning herself. Cats do this for one of 2 reasons: Either your cat is having an at-home pedicure and this is a part of the cleaning process, or your cat is having a bad habit (just like humans, and you can cure this by finding the problem that causes your cat to be nervous and solving it).

#13 Rubbing their head against you

You may notice that your cat rubs its head against you or your furniture. This is actually a very cute cat habit of showing love. This is the kind of cat hug. Your cat is leaving its scent in you and you’re furniture as if saying “you’re mine!”. When your cat does this, you’re officially a part of this cat’s family!

#12 Tiger Eye

You probably have seen your cat doing this multiple times. Tiger eye is when cats look at something with great concentration. The thing is, cats are so smart and precise, they do this tiger eye to examine their prey before they hunt to make sure they’re going to hunt at the right time, in the right direction. When you see your cat doing this, try to get out of the way in order not to get hurt.

#11 Sitting with legs open

You, as a human, do this when you’re home to feel comfortable, and you don’t usually do this when you’re out in public. This is the same as this cat habit too. Your cat does this when she’s feeling so comfy and cozy, and she can only do this when she’s around people she trusts and feels safe with.

#10 Hissing

This is probably the most popular cat behavior ever. Cats do this for many reasons, and the most common reason is being angry. Cats also do this when they’re afraid of something and feeling threatened. Also, the mama cat’s loving mother nature makes her sometimes hiss to protect her baby kittens, warning you from coming near them or taking them away from her.

#9 Sitting on your stuff

Why does your cat randomly decide to sit on your books or homework papers especially when you’re using them? This is an adorable way of telling you “Give me some attention” or “Can you play with me?”, or just a way of expressing love and that he wants to stay near you all the time.

#8 Meowing loudly

When your cat is giving you that loud meow, you need to feed him immediately! This is his way of saying that he’s hungry, and he’ll keep meowing louder and louder until you give him the food.

#7 Showing the belly

When your cat lays on her back and showing her tummy near you, she’s telling you to come and pet her. It means she feels playful and wants your attention.

#6 Staying up all night

Cats are known for having a full boost of energy at 2 am when everyone is asleep. You start hearing messy noises around in the middle of the night, and you know for sure it’s your adorable cat awake. This is obvious as cats take so many naps during the day, maximizing their energy at night. So how to stop this? Try to engage your cat in games before your bedtime, making her sleepy almost at the same time as you are.

#5 Soft Biting

Cats are born in the role of hunters, so biting is a natural cat characteristic. However, your cat might just give you a little bit that won’t hurt you: She bites because it’s her nature, and the bite is not hurtful because she doesn’t want to hurt you. When your cat does this, show her that you don’t like it by saying “no”, or just walk away.

#4 Rolling on the ground

Cats love rolling on the ground by nature, and it’s a way to show that they’re happy and energetic. When your cat does this, it’s a good idea to play with her and give her some of your attention.

#3 Sniffing you

This is a very cute cat habit to show curiosity and love at the same time. Cats sniff you because they want to know more about you, thus improve your human-cat relationship, and sniffing helps them do that. Each time your cat sniffs you, you’re giving her a new piece of information about you.

#2 Purring

Cats do this cute noise known as purring to show love and comfort. You will notice that your cat mostly purrs when you’re petting her, or when she’s sleeping on you.

#1 Slow blinking

When a cat slow-blinks at you, it’s like saying “I love you!”. A good way to show her that you love her too is by slow-blinking back at her, or just petting her.

We have talked enough about cats, now, what about their owners? Cat owners are characterized by some habits and natures that sometimes resemble their cats.

# Cat owners are very intelligent! If you’re a cat person, good news! Many studies have shown that cat owners or cat lovers tend to be noticeably smart.

# Cat owners sometimes resemble their cat. People who live with cats tend to imitate their cats’ behavior with time. For example, you might find a person who has lived with cats for too long more precise and thinks a lot before taking action.

# Cat owners tend to be more careful than others. Cat owners usually take time before making a decision, just like their cats. This also includes trusting new people. They take time to trust people, but when they do, they tend to be very loyal.

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