HOW CAN YOU TELL IF A CAT LIKES YOU? Surprising signs of how your cat tries communicating with you

“I don’t know about you , but for me, my cat is my best friend. I like dogs and also other animals, but when it comes about cats, it’s just pure love. I have spent a lot of time trying to understand their behaviors because I don’t know if this may sound weird to you, but I feel like they are always trying to tell us something and I am sure there is a way that we can clearly communicate with our beloved cats. I am passionate about this aspect and I have made a lot of research over the years. You also need to know that I have 12 cats now and I am thinking of enlarging my cat family. “

We know that cat lovers can go the whole nine yards, but this was one of the most impressive message we received in our inbox. It’s from Diana, an amazing cat lover who contacted us in order to help us write this article: “How can you tell if a cat like you?”. She is defineely the right person to be part of this project. As you can see, we have selected a part of her message just to show you that she is really into it.

Now, let’s go straight to our thing. Let’s see how we can tell if a cat really likes us. Along our journey we will also discover some surprising facts on how cats are trying to communicate with us.

Your cats shows you her tummy from time to time or is she showing it to you every time you come home?!

Well, this is a body behavior showing how much she like playing with you. Often, cats lay down on the floor and they just start showing us their belly. This means they are in the mood of playing and we all know that cats play only with those whom they like. So this is definitely a sign that she is really into you. This is also a sign of confidence. Scientist has discovered that cats want someone to trust and after they find it, they will surely attach with that person. Cats feel safe and comfortable being vulnerable and showing their tummy is the nicest way they show their vulnerability.

Purring in your presence.

Even if you are not touching or playing with your cat she can purr, right? When that happens, it means that your cat feels happy in your presence. A cat behavior specialist from Cats Protections has stated that cats reserve their purrs for people they really love. They use their purr only for the kittens and for humans who really feel connected with.

She brings you “gifts”

You know what kind of gifts we are talking about, right? Maybe not those gifts you really want or you really deserve, but the simple fact that she brings you such gifts means that you are her chosen one. Even if she comes with a mouse from time to time, you should know that she loves you and she thinks you will appreciate the gesture.

As our friend Diana told us, maybe if we try understanding our cats better, we would be able to tell them what we really like. This way, they will definitely bring us the right gifts.

Your cat softly bites you

We all have experienced that. It is actually pretty simple to realize that all she wants to do is to play with you. Maybe some times she overreacts, but not intentionally.

Sometimes your cat may have the tenancy of using you as a chew toy, but this only means you are her best friend and she trusts you.

This could also save you some money because you won’t have to buy cat chewing toys.

They are grooming you

This is a special way for cats to show their appreciations. It’s kind of abvious that if she starts licking your hair, nose or ears every now and then she tries to tell you that you are her number one

It blinks at you slowly

This is also known as the kitty kiss. I know you know it. Did you ever catch your cat just looking at you and not saying anything but simply slowly blinking at you? That’s their way of saying I love you.


If you catch your cat staying on your laptop, you have to understand that she doesn’t want you to disturb her by working on your keyboard.

You may like how your cats look on camera and you also may like the tones of likes she gets on Instagram but your cat doesn’t really like being photographed. At least not all the time. If you catch her with her eyes closed it means the camera bothers her.

Let your cat scratch. If you don’t have those kind of toys designed exactly for scratching, that’s too bad because cats really need to scratch. Just like you cut your nails, that’s how thei keep their claws in good shape. Or this is how they keep their cool look.

Cats don’t like to swim or to get wet. You probably know that because you have tried giving her a bath. Well, she is not afraid of water, but she tries to tell you that this not for her. She can clean herself.

Did you ever try your human meow on cats? Well, if you already did that stop doing it. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t bother. Cats use their meows on us , but that soesn’t mean they understand our meows on them. Stick with your human language because she feels you and she understands what you are trying to say.

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